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Perhaps it was the psychedelic drugs, the musical experimentation, the war protests or the censorship that drove and inspired creativity in 1966. That was the year everything coalesced and modern rock & roll was born. Psychedelic experimentation with avant-garde sounds merged folk, blues, rock and poetry that would forever influence musicians and generations to come.

Andrew W. Griffin shares his unbridled enthusiasm and intricate knowledge of 1960s music, especially focusing on the poignant music of ’66, through this retrospective anthology. Griffin’s journalistic style helps the reader experience the behind the scenes synergy of each group inter-mixed with personal antidotes.

By focusing on a sampling of groups active in ’66, Griffin is able to reveal the unique atmosphere that made this magical moment possible. Among those featured include David Bowie, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Mamas and The Papas. Also included are Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, The Cyrkle, Donovan, The Doors, Yardbirds, Frank Zappa and many more. Exclusive interviews with Larry Tamblyn of The Standells, Chris Gerniottis of The Zakary Thaks and Jim Pons of The Leaves. Foreword by Mike Rabon of The Five Americans.